Over roughly 20 years, I've gained extensive experience in both print and digital media.
Yet I'm always learning and developing new skills.
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Creative Design

Ideas, concepts, illustration, photography, and lay out of promotional and functional materials for a business.

Sales Support

The design & creation of ads, brochures, fliers and anything else involved in a marketing mix.


Branding, strategy and tactics, direct mail and email campaigns, signage & business identity.

Web Design

Not just websites, also imagery and ads for social media or any other online purpose.

Project or Production Management

Management skills unique to working with creatives, vendors, and understanding the contingencies to meet deadlines.

Creative/Art Direction

From product styling to the lanuage of imagery, working alone or with creatives to render the perect image or design.

About CT

CT is a designer with an unusual depth and breadth of experience, a juxtiposition of extremes. His background includes management of both people and projects, running his own business as well as being a solid team player, and he has worked in the corporate world, with small business, and non-profits. His adaptability and flexibilty with both art and technology should not be too shocking, since he grew up in the shadows of a computer-scientist and an accomplished fine artist (he understands more about both computers and art than most).

Image Creation & Editing

20+ years

Layout & Design

roughly 20 years


off & on since the 1990s

Award Winning Customer Support

10 years

CT's Portfolio

My work is categorized into eight buckets here, if you have any trouble finding what you're looking for please contact me.

Photo Manipulation

Constructed Images


Logos & Devices


Illustration & Photography


Pixel Painting

T-Shirt Design

More Illustration


Info Graphics & Charts


Desktop Publishing


Commercial & Artistic

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